The Carlin Hall Community Association is a non-profit organization managed and operated totally by volunteers.

Our goal, through the support of our membership, is to provide arts and cultural opportunities that are accessible, entertaining, affordable, enriching, and developmental. Specifically:


  1. to provide a community gathering place to foster the enjoyment and development of arts and culture.
  2. to provide arts and cultural opportunities that are inclusive, entertaining, affordable, enriching and developmental.
  3. to provide performance opportunities for local, regional touring and emerging artists
  4. to provide developmental opportunities in arts and culture (including but not limited to:  music, dance, drama, art) for the members of our community of all ages
  5. to provide a bursary program to support students pursuing programs in arts and culture in our community
  6. to collaborate with other agencies relating to the promotion of arts and culture.
  7. to obtain and control finances and to procure and administer equipment in connection with the foregoing objectives, and to assure that such finances and properties are not misused or used for purposes at variance with these objectives.

Our membership brochure is currently being updated, please check back in a few weeks for an updated version.

Yearly Membership:
Single: $20.00
Couple: $35.00
Please visit to purchase memberships.